Mason Castner won the PhD student competition with a presentation titled Tetflupyrolimet: A Novel Herbicide for Barnyardgrass Management in Midsouth Rice. The presentation stated that herbicide-resistant (HR) barnyardgrass [Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P. Beauv] has evolved into an increasingly difficult challenge to manage for rice producers in the Midsouth.  Currently in development by FMC Corporation, tetflupyrolimet (Dodhylex™) is the first conventional herbicide in multiple decades with a novel mode of action for preemergence (PRE) control of HR barnyardgrass populations.  Prior to commercialization of Dodhylex, experiments were conducted to ensure a high level of performance on barnyardgrass without compromising crop safety.  Barnyardgrass control with Dodhylex was evaluated on a silt-loam and clay soil in 2021 and 2022 at the Rice Research and Extension Center and Northeast Research and Extension Center, near Stuttgart and Keiser, AR, respectively.  At each location, Dodhylex was applied in mixture with Command® 3ME (Command) PRE followed by (fb) a Dodhylex plus Command mixture applied POST in combination with a graminicide product (RebelEX®, Stam® M4, or Ricestar® HT) at 3-to 4-lf rice and compared to commercial standards with the same application timings.  At 14 DAPRE and 56 DAPOST, barnyardgrass control with a PRE fb POST Dodhylex and Command mixture plus a POST grass product was comparable to the standard PRE fb 3- to 4-lf herbicide programs evaluated at both locations.  Rice tolerance to Dodhylex was evaluated with 12 commonly planted rice cultivars in 2021, 2022, and 2023 at the Pine Tree Research Station, near Colt, AR.  Dodhylex was applied preemergence and early postemergence at a low and high rate of the herbicide.  Visible injury was recorded weekly until 28 days after treatment and grain yield was collected at harvest.  Response variables were compared to the nontreated control within each cultivar.  For each evaluated cultivar, no visible injury or a reduction in relative grain yield was observed from Dodhylex regardless of rate or application timing.  The integration of Dodhylex as a conventional residual herbicide for Midsouth rice production will provide growers with an effective and safe new mode of action for control of HR barnyardgrass using any rice technology of choice.