Arkansas Crop Protection Association



The ACPA serves a dual purpose. The first is to promote the discussion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas related to crop protection products and their uses. The second is to promote closer coordination and understanding between the crop protection industry, agricultural business, and governmental, educational and agricultural agencies throughout Arkansas.


  • Annually provides four scholarships to agricultural students at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas State University at Jonesboro and the University of Arkansas at Monticello
  • Monitors the Arkansas state legislature for pending legislation which may impact the crop protection industry and notifies membership if action is needed.
  • Responds to media and public questions concerning pesticide use safety.
  • Provides training for speakers in the SACA Ambassador program. Every year these ambassadors make presentations to civic and non-agricultural groups to provide agri-industry’s viewpoint on crop protection related issues.
  • Distributes pesticide technical information to hospitals, doctors and other interested individuals.
  • Funds special projects directed at improving Arkansas agriculture.
  • Provides a representative for the pesticide industry and agribusiness on the Arkansas State Plant Board.
  • Encourages, in dealer workshops and seminars, proper methods for pesticide application, mixing, dealer licensing, application certification, dealer liabilities, pesticide injury on crops and weeds, weed nursery identification and disease identification.
  • The conferences- Annual Conference, Technical Conference, Annual Herbicide Symptomology and Research Conference
  • Provides four newsletters yearly

To subscribe to our announcements, send an email to with “SUBSCRIBE ACPANEWS first-name last-name” in the body without the quotes


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