Delta Plastics is Taking a New Approach to Polytube Collections Program By: Matt Lindsey, Director of Irrigation, Delta Plastics

This year Delta Plastics is taking a new approach to our Polytube Collections program in order to better serve our customers and become more efficient in our recycling efforts. Namely, we’ve introduced a Call to Collect model that allows our team to better identify or “spot” Delta polytube for collection and plan full truckload routes before we send the big trucks out to collect. This helps us operate more efficiently while still providing the same value-add collections service you rely on from Delta. If you see our trucks passing your used polytube, it’s because they no longer have room to pick up the odd roll here and there.  You can get your used pipe on the collections list by calling 1.800.277.9172.

There are also big improvements in store for our Pipe Planner tool just around the corner.  We are excited to announce the launch of Pipe Planner 4.0 in 2021.   This new and improved Pipe Planner will be more user-friendly, with a variety of enhanced features and optimized for mobile platforms. No more carving out time to find a mouse and desktop to work up simple irrigation plans.  You can simply do it on the go.  Pipe Planner 4.0 will be available for Delta Plastics users in early Spring of 2021, so stay tuned!